Spike The Red Dinosaur – Fisher Price Interactive Dinosaur Toy

Fisher-Price Imaginext Spike the red DinosaurSpike the Red Dinosaur has a cousin that goes by the same name and looks very similar, except that he is green in color. The truth is that this is the same toy but for kids that prefer the red coloring rather than the green. It is a remote controlled interactive toy for young children. They will love to control Spike and make him do the things a dinosaur likes to do.

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More on Spike The Red Dinosaur

Spike is made by Fisher-Price, a leading toy maker for younger kids and with a strong emphasis on learning toys. Spike is not so much a learning toy but more a fun item to play with. He may also encourage children to learn more about dinosaurs in the long run too.

He is supposed to be a Brontosaurus type of dinosaur. This is one of the more famous or recognizable dinosaurs that you see in films. It was also one of the biggest after the Diplodocus and was constantly being attacked by the T-Rex if you believe all the movies.

Spike is quite a clever dinosaur. He is controlled via a remote control unit that looks like a piece of prehistoric rock. On the rock are  6 buttons that have images on them to indicate what each button will do. This means Spike can do 6 things (or you can control him to do 6 things). These are :

Moving or walking forwards,
Standing on hind legs (he waggles his tail and roars when he does this),
Rotating the long neck (lights light up when this happens),
Throw a boulder (supplied plastic boulder looking object),
Open and close his mouth,
And a mystery button which will make him do any or a combination of these actions.

Part of the fun for little kids will be combining the actions to make the interactive dinosaur toy do more than appear possible. Picking up a stone is one instance of this. This is a skill that the child will have to develop through repeated practice. This ensures they will return to the toy keen to master new movements.

The toy is also quite big. The dimensions are 5.7 x 16.1 x 29.9 inches which means if it is standing on it hind legs it is above the waist of the average sized 5 year old. Kids will be impressed with the size and want to master the controls. There is also an option to set the dinosaur actions to music or to the more realistic grunting, groaning and roaring that you might expect of such an animal.

Spike the Red Dinosaur or his Green colored counterpart would make a great gift idea or present for most kids that are going through their Dinosaur phase.

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