Playskool Monty T-Rex – One Of Kota’s Pals

Playskool Monty T-RexMonty T-Rex is pals with Kota. You remember Kota don’t you ? He’s the cute baby Triceratops that kids can ride on top of. He roars and moves his head from side to side. Kota was primarily aimed a younger kids and toddlers. Monty T-Rex is aimed at older kids and is more for hands on playing rather than as a ride on toy.

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More on the Playskool Monty T-Rex

So Monty T-Rex is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the king of the Dinosaurs. This type of dinosaur is probably the most popular dinosaur for us humans. He always gets a run out in movies, even if he is not the main character. Do you remember the T-Rex getting battered by King Kong in the movie from a while back. And I bet you remember the thunderous footsteps that indicated it’s presence in the first Jurassic park movie. He is the most feared and recognizable dinosaur of them all.

Consequently Monty T-Rex is in good company. There are all sort of interactive dinosaur toys that a are modeled on the T-Rex.

With regards to Monty, he is made of a plush fabric that you could describe as a mottled burgundy color. The top of the head, the arms, legs and tip of the tail are a similar color but they are made of a soft plastic. No doubt this is to protect these parts from wear and tear as they are the main moving parts of this interactive dinosaur toy.

The toy is interactive in a few ways. The best bit for kids is that it will roar back at you if you roar at it. You are throwing down a challenge and Monty is not for backing down. He will seemingly look you straight in the eyes are blast a roar back in your direction. His jaws will open and close as he trumpets this roar back at you.

If  you touch his tail, it will waggle back and forth. This tail was actually used a weapon by the real life T-Rex and Monty can use his to just as much devastating effect – on a row or cups or a ball or something like that.

If you touch his back this will cause the toy to move forward. Touch his head and his jaws will chomp up and down.

Although this is nowhere near the size of the Kota toy, it is not really made for the same purpose. Monty is approximately 14 inches high. Kids will love to affect how he reacts and what he does. He is aimed at kids from around 3 to 6 years of age. You will require 4 C types batteries to use the toy and they are included with the purchase.

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