Fisher-Price Imaginext Dinosaur Toys

Fisher-Price Imaginext Mega T-RexIf you are shopping around for a tiny tyke, you can’t go wrong with dinosaurs.  What tiny tot wouldn’t love playing with cool prehistoric predators?  The Fisher-Price Imaginext Dinosaur Toys took these age old favorites and hyped them up with a modern twist.

The story behind this line is that these prehistoric figures are placed somewhere in the future.  Instead of being feared, humans actually have suited up the dinosaurs with armor and cockpits where they can take control.  Not only for battle, but the humans use the dinos for digging up volcanium- this is kind of like their power supply at Dino camp.

So here are six Fisher-Price Imaginext Dinosaur Toys that are out on the market today.

Imaginext Mega T-Rex

There is nothing old about this T-Rex.  As if this dinosaur weren’t strong enough on its own, he has a full armor pack that is sure to make him win any battle.  It comes with a figure control station, it has tech arms, and projectile launchers.  How cool is that?  But wait, it gets even better.  His neck moves, his arms move, and even his mouth can open and let out a big giant ROAR.  You can make him do all of that with just a push of a button.

Imaginext Raptor

This prehistoric creature is now a futuristic one.  It is all geared up and has a control station too.  Attached to this dinosaur is a movable claw that is great for grabbing.

Imaginext Ankylosaurus

Just like all of the dinos in this make believe world, the Ankylosaurus also has a cock pit where a human figure sits and controls it.  This one is geared up with a moveable pickaxe that is great for some chopping and the like.

Imaginext Pterodactyl

This is one fully geared flying dinosaur.  Aside from the control station, the Pterodactyl has jet boosters, two projectiles, a rock and axe to name a few.  Not to mention that his claws can grip and grab with just the pull of his tail.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Triceraptops DinoImaginext Triceratops

The Triceratops is also suited up with gear and armor as well as cockpit but the one feature that this dino has is the tow hook that you can launch and latch on to something stable.

Imaginext Apatosaurus

This dino is also strapped up with cool hi tech gear.  The Apatosaurus can launch gliders when it’s time for battle and use its tow hook when it’s time for rescues.

And A Little More

When it comes to the Fisher-Price Imaginext Dinosaur Toys, all of the cool gear and cockpits can be taken off when you want your dino to take a break.

These interactive dinosaur toys are the perfect gift for any little boy, or heck, even for your little girl if she is in that dino stage too.  So get one today and have your kiddo smiling tomorrow.

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