Get An Interactive Dinosaur – Amazing Toys Your Kids Will Love

D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur ToyEveryone seems to be going mad for robotic animals this Christmas. Whether it is FurReal kitties, pooches and parrots or Zhu Zhu hamsters, people can’t seem to get enough of these affectionate critters.

I’m not completely sure why people love them so much but I guess they are not as demanding as the real life versions. They won’t bark or howl during the middle of the night. They won’t pee or poop in the corner of the room. They won’t chew up your favorite slippers. They won’t eat you out of house and home (although they’ll use plenty of your AAA batteries). In short they are fun without the responsibility.

So for kids, looking for a robotic pet, what could be better than a robot dog or cat ? Why, an interactive dinosaur of course ! All children go through a dinosaur phase. It’s almost a rite of passage for any kid to be fascinated by dinosaurs. And what better way to do this than with your very own walking, talking (ok,roaring) interactive dinosaur. Here are some of the dinopets that are on kids Christmas present wish list this year.

D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur –  Tyrannosaurus Rex

D-Rex is a popular Robotic dinosaur toy. He stands around 21 inches tall and has all the tell tale looks that you expect of the king of the dinosaurs (Basically a big mouth with sharp looking teeth, little teeny weeny arms, huge legs and a whiplash tail). Kids and adults will have plenty of fun with D-Rex and he will make an ideal gift for Christmas.

To begin with, he has realistic skin to look at and to touch. It is a rubber material that is cold to the touch and appears to stretch as he moves much like real dinosaur skin might have moved. D-Rex also has a chomping set of jaws, moving yellow eyes and a waggling tail. His facial expressions also change which is really very amusing. What’s more he moves. His legs can take him all over the house, based on the mode you set him in.

Interactive DinosaurThere are 5 modes that you can set him in. These are

Attack – He attacks things that move, his bark is as bad as his bite in this mode. He will roar and then try to crunch anything in his way with those snappy jaws.
Prank – Pranks is the joke mode. He lets off funny sounds like burping and other unmentionables. Maybe he’s been eating too many Brontosaurus steaks.
Seek – He will trek across the lounge or house looking for you. He detects you by flicking his tongue out and picking up your scent (only joking..he uses a motion and noise sensor)
Guard – Put him on sentry duty outside your room. He’ll roar at Mom (or anyone else for that matter) that tries to annoy you.
Wisdom – Ask him questions and he will answer – just call him guru drex.

The D-Rex interactive dinosaur will have the family in stitches. No, not because he is biting everyone, but because he is truly hilarious to watch. He’ll be a favorite toy for children 8 years and up. Some adults will probably like to have a D-Rex too. Remember that he requires four “C” batteries, which come in the packaging, and two “AA” batteries that do not come with the packaging.

To see more of D-Rex, simply click the link

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